Our Purpose: Giving Movement

Life is a continuous string of moments; some mundane, others exceptional. In those moments, through God’s generosity, we are moved. By embracing those fulfilling moments, we move towards a better expression of our lives. It is within the landscape of moments of generosity where our gathered lives change into a new kind of crowd.

  • A group led by purpose, resolve and impact
  • Joined through mission, the many serving the many
  • This is the moment when we experience the power of the Crowd

The Giving Crowd was created to give velocity to a gathering new movement. One that is based on assets, not bank accounts. The spirit is drawing people to be more generous, but often they don’t know how. We are here to help. We take the “awkward” out of the asset-based giving conversation. By being a trusted and impartial third party, we show people that your primary goal is their spiritual growth, not getting more money out of them. We help you bless your people so that they can in turn bless many, many more!

Our History: Transforming the Conversation

In 2008, Greg Ring and Richard Blackmon had a simple lunch together. Both had years of experience and were successful leaders of organizations helping non-profits. On the back of a napkin, they sketched out a “plan” that they would implement if they had the chance to do whatever they wanted. Their plan involved “merging the disciplines of major donor development and estate planning”. Their simple but disruptive plan was to help non-profits grow their estate gifts while surfacing current gifts of assets. Imagine, identifying estate gifts combined with expanding current gifts. It was a radical concept. It took a few months of contemplation but in early 2009, Greg and Richard took a leap of faith and founded Fulcrum Philanthropy Systems.  But that was only the beginning.

They quickly realized that technology could help serve the average donor while surfacing those with more complicated needs. For the non-profit, this was revolutionary. Now a non-profit could “serve the masses” by helping grow estate gifts that are years away without a major current budget investment. In fact, our experience has shown that this entire effort can be cash flow positive in a short period of time. Our merger of disciplines includes:

  • Technology which helps middle-America families realize the power of giving through their estate plans and retirement funds.
  • Content which helps educate and create awareness about the impact and tax advantages of giving current gifts of assets.
  • Coaching which helps church and non-profit leaders develop and implement an effective strategic plan that blesses their constituents in an entirely new way.
  • Consulting that engages those who struggle with the “burden of wealth”.
  • Expertise which guides individuals to the most generous version of themselves.

Our rapid growth led to the desire in 2016 to create a new identity for our firm…one which more accurately portrays the outcome of the work we do…The Giving Crowd!

Our Leadership Team

Greg Ring

Greg Ring


Greg Ring is the Co-Founder/Principal of The Giving Crowd and has been a recognized expert and thought leader in the planned giving arena for the past three decades. Greg has served more than 200 ministries and nonprofits, developing and executing over $4 billion in documented planned gifts.  His passion for the non-profit sector has led to continual improvement of the service model. The Giving Crowd builds on this rich history, engaging technology so that both the local church and the mega non-profit can participate effectively and efficiently in “the greatest transfer of wealth in history”.  Greg is married with three daughters and six grandchildren, and lives in Colorado Springs.

Richard Blackmon

Richard Blackmon


Richard Blackmon is the Co-Founder/CEO of The Giving Crowd and has spent over 25 years working on major donor development and current gifts in the non-profit arena. Before co-founding The Giving Crowd, he was CEO and President of one of the largest campaign consulting companies in America that provides services to a wide variety of non-profit market verticals. He has helped clients raise hundreds of millions of dollars and helped conduct some of the largest “major donor efforts in history”. Richard has had the privilege of working with schools/universities, local churches, social service agencies, denominational bodies, the arts, and worldwide health organizations. He has a strong understanding of philanthropy and aligning donor desires with specific needs. Richard and his wife Debby have five children and eight grandchildren.

Steve Caton

Steve Caton


Steve Caton is the President of The Giving Crowd and has over 25 years of experience building teams and growing innovative, rapidly growing organizations. In addition to successfully expanding a variety of companies, Steve has authored hundreds of articles and eBooks about effective leadership and organizational health. Before joining forces with Greg and Richard, Steve was part of the leadership team at one of the top church technology firms where he provided the catalyst for an 8-year period of double-digit growth.  While living at the intersection of faith and technology is what Steve does on a daily basis, releasing resources to fund great causes is what matters to him…as well as enjoying the brilliant blue skies and deep powder of Colorado with his wife and two sons!